Estate Planning

An estate planning lawyer works with the client to plan and carry-out an individual’s wishes as to the administration and disposition of their assets before and after their death. A well prepared estate plan, whether trust-based or will-based, also includes powers of attorney for finances and health care. An estate plan tailored to meet the individual client’s goals and needs ensures that the individual’s assets will be used to care for the individual if he or she becomes incapacitated and ensures that the assets ultimately reach their intended and designated beneficiaries. Additionally, a well drafted estate plan ensures that assets transferred before or after their death will be done in a manner that is not only efficient but also minimizes both costs and taxes. Ultimately, if an individual has assets, whether the assets are personal or real property, and regardless as to whether the value of the assets is small or large or somewhere in between, that individual should have an estate plan and should seek counsel with an estate planning lawyer.