My ex and I had a property settlement agreement from Fall of 2013. My ex did not comply. The agreement was for both property and money. In Spring 2014 the case was reheard under a long cause hearing. The Judge ruled in my favor. Listed a dollar amount to be collected along with property that was to be collected. The order states that interest will begin the date the order was filed. I have sent a letter to opposing counsel requesting payment and property transfer to be completed with in 11 days from the filing date of order. I have not received a response of any kind. The payment request has gone beyond the 11 days stated. How long do I have to give the other party to respond before I levy bank accounts and seize property?

Answers provided by Chilina Law Firm:

In California, there is no waiting period to obtain a writ of execution on a money judgment. Meaning, you can obtain such a writ of execution immediately following an entry of a money judgment just by making application to the court clerk. However, a writ of execution to enforce a judgment made, entered, or enforceable pursuant to the California Family Code may require additional steps. I recommend you seek an attorney to assist you with the process, e.g., application, issuance, notice, return, etc.


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